Sunday, April 11, 2010

Buenos Aires -- Reprise ... then on to Mendoza (capital of Wine Country)

(3/10 - 4/9/2010).  Came for our Second Visit to one of our favorite cities.  Not surprisingly, things are never quite as exciting the second time around.  Nevertheless, we have a good comfort level here; and, Buenos Aires remains a City of many faces.  So many neighbohoods present the opportunity for diverse entertainment and activities for every taste, even if it is not "new".  But, this time around, we found prices had risen significantly in only a year's time, with food and grocery staples as well as restaurants perhaps 50% higher.  So, one thing we can say for certain, Buenos Aires is no longer the amazing "value" it was when we first visited.  That will certainly play a part in any decision we may ultimately make as to where to "settle down" on a  more permanent (or semi-permanent) basis ... when/if we ever decide to slow down.  We'll see. Of course, upon our arrival we visited our beloved Tony's Memorial site, and upon our departure sadly bid farewell once again. This time around, unfortunately there was no 'magical moment' when Tony's spirit made it self known. Nevertheless, we hope he knows we miss him and felt our love.

In the meantime, we decided to move on to Mendoza, the capital of the Wine Country (i.e. the Napa Valley of Argentina), for at least a month's stay.  Blog Readers will recall that last year when we were on our way out of Argentina to Chile, we planned a stopover in Mendoza.  But, our scheduled 12hr Bus Ride turned into the "Bus Ride from Hell", when bad fuel turned the ride into a 24hr marathon cutting short our visit by a day.  What we saw of Mendoza, however, we liked.  Now, we wanted to give it an in depth examination by actually living here for a month or so.  So, we took another overnight Bus Ride on April 9, and arrived more or less on time yesterday morning, April 10.  Our Bus ride this time was pleasant enough with no problems.  I was even able to sleep in the fully reclinable comfortable chairs, after being served a hot meal of roast chicken and rice along with wine.  Not bad for a bus.  On arrival, our rental apartment also appeared to be a good find, roomy, well-lit, well-equipped and decently located.  Since we are out of the big city and the surrounding area is some beautiful country side of highlands and vineyards, we hope to find some "wheels" to be able to get around the area a little easier than public transportation.  That's all for now.
Sorry no Photos attached, in reference to our second visit to Buenos Aires -- didn't really see anything new, so refer to our photos from last year.

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